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We just need

  • Your website address.
  • Full office details, head and branch offices.
  • Names of principal shareholders.
  • Copies of Professional Liability Insurance, IATA, and Customs Brokers licences.
  • Date of formation (commencement) of your Company
  • For EU Member countries only – please provide your EU VAT number for invoice purposes
  • Your confirmation that you accept the GLF Charter and Code of Conduct ( available on the website ) in its entirety.YES/NO


About You

How did you learn about the GLF?  
if yes, who?  

Is the company that applies for a membership a subsidiary or sister company or another company?  

Do you have professional liability insurance, or IATA or any customs or professional licences ? 

Please confirm you will make every effort to attend at least 2 meetings in every three year period, if circumstances allow. 

I declare that I am the above named person and have full authority to apply for membership of the GLF. I confirm that I have read and will comply fully with the GLF Charter, Code of Conduct and terms of membership, as published on the GLF website.  

I confirm that I agree to the Privacy Policy as stated on the Global Logistics Family website  


Membership Benefits

Unique membership concept that gets you exclusivity for your location with the Global Logistics Family network founded in 2009 by industry professionals.

  • Exclusive Membership for your area
  • Contact details listed in GLF Membership Directory
  • Company details added to the GLF website
  • Participation in Annual Conferences with scheduled one to one meetings
  • Authorised use of secure Members Area of GLF Website


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